About Us


Spruce It Up Construction, LLC is a small company based in Fargo, ND focused in general contracting on residential homes. It was all started by 2 real estate professionals specializing in the residential redevelopment business with over 10 years of experience in the field. After many successful remodels we developed a knack for turning outdated and unusable spaces in houses into appealing and functional areas in the home.


At Spruce It Up Construction we pride ourselves in being upfront without grey areas about your expectations. Our relationship with clients is a team effort. We are all on the same side with the same goal in mind. With Spruce It Up Construction we will share our best methods and advice that we have acquired over the years providing greater insight and knowledge with your future project. Our alliance isn’t just an exchange, but an interaction that carries beyond the project and into the community.


Personally we have hired and worked with countless contractors and vendors. We’ve remodeled numerous homes and worked on everything from the roof to the foundation and everything in between. Our goal was to alleviate the frustrations, hardships, lack of quality, lost time and money by creating our own construction company working on our own projects and to also provide our service to the community that we live in.